What Is Junk Food

what is junk food

What is junk food?

How Do You Know When You’re Eating Junk Food and what is junk food?

Just remember, this is the first place you saw a good definition of what is junk food.

Here’s the definition of “what is junk food”.

  • Junk food is food that’s been through a manufacturing process. It’s food that’s been through the mill, the oven or, in the case of the rissole, the piece of fish and the potato, the fat bath.
  • It’s the garbohydrates that contain over 250 calories/100gms – bread, pasta, breakfast biscuits, sweet biscuits, dry biscuits, cake, chocolate, chips ice cream and all confectionery and chocolate.
  • It’s processed food that comes out of the udder of members of the bovine family and designed for calves of that species and not the calves and adults of the human species.
  • It’s food that has been denatured and lacks living enzymes.
  • It’s food containing empty calories, that fill up the stomach but fail to nourish the cells of the body.
  • It’s food that’s loaded to the gills with food additives – preservatives, flavourings, colourings, emulsifiers, surfactants, thickeners …
  • It’s junk drink that contains bubbles, caffeine, alcohol, sugar and/or aspartame.
  • It’s food that comes in fancy packets and wrappers, in bottles, cardboard boxes and plastic bags.
  • It’s food that is marketed to fools and children as being nutritious and wholesome.
  • It’s food that’s associated with the latest Shrek, Spider Man or Simpsons promotion; that contains cartoon characters on the outside of the packet and baubles and premiums on the inside.

If you want to get fat; if you want to get high blood pressure, cardiac dysfunction, depression or diabetes, eat junk, lots of junk. And where do you buy it? From the Junk Food People.

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What is junk food?