Healthy Diet Plan

A Healthy Diet Plan and The Law of Too Much and Too Little

Most people don’t eat enough, of the right food at the right time.
Jean Nidetch, Founder of Weight Watchers

For people with body system dysfunction there is a universal law that applies probably 80% of the time. It’s the law of too much and too little.

Too little

What are you eating too little of? Probably the essential nutrients.

What are you doing too little of? Vigorous aerobic physical activity.

Too much

What are you eating too much of? Start with flour, sugar, soda pop and milk.

What are you doing too much of? Sitting on your back side.

You’ll know there’s something wrong with one or more of the key body systems from the simple symptoms you experience. You get headaches, a crook guts, piles, itchiness, tiredness, elevated blood pressure and you’re putting on fat. Your blood fats, insulin and blood sugars are deviating away from the norm. These aren’t life threatening diseases, just symptoms that one or more of your body systems has become dysfunctional.

The good news is that you can fix it up, with the expenditure of a bit of time, effort and money.

Whilst a visit to the doctor to make sure you’re not at death’s door is a useful thing to do, you can be reasonably certain that if your doctor is not particularly enlightened in these matters , you’ll be sent off for more tests and a prescription for a chemical to mask the symptoms of the complaint.

That’s junk medicine.

I can assure you that the tablet the doctor prescribes for the dysfunctions caused by lack of aerobic fitness, won’t improve your aerobic fitness. The tablet they give you to mask the symptoms of chromium deficiency or glycoprotein deficiency won’t be as good for you as chromium or glycoproteins.

Healthy Exercise Plan

If you suffer from a particular body system dysfunction that won’t go away, or is resisting treatment take a look at what you’re doing – we do to much sitting down and too little vigorous exercise. To fix the problems caused by lack of physical activity! Simple. Get 800 aerabytes a week and you’ll be jumping out of your skin. Pretty simple really.

Healthy Diet Plan

If you’ve got symptoms of body system dysfunction it maybe because your body is struggling nutritionally or there are things that you’re eating that don’t agree with you. The most common culprits are wheat flour, sugar, and milk. Go without them for a month and see what happens. You could be quite surprised. Like the many Eskimos, North American Indians and Australian aborigines who’ve come before you, you won’t die from a lack of flour, sugar and milk.

On the other hand you may be lacking some of the essential vitamins, minerals, fats (omega 3 etc) and glycoproteins.

Based on the health assessments I give to people, I’ve formed the opinion that unless we’re particularly diligent, we don’t get the essential building blocks of nutrition out of our diets. If you’re crook, your diet is a good place to look first. Your body is struggling because it’s not getting the right nutrition.

For that reason I encourage people to supplement their diet with vitamins, essential fats (particularly (omega 3), minerals and glycoproteins.

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