Compulsive Eating

Compulsive Eating, Diet and Satisfying Your Inner Hunger

You Can’t Satisfy the Inner Hunger by Eating

Most diets fail to tackle the really tough issue – how to satisfy the inner hunger.

If you restrict people’s access to the food that’s satisfying the inner hunger and don’t deal with and separate the inner hunger from food, as likely as not, in a couple of months time all the fat will have come back on again.

It takes a monumental amount of discipline to keep starving yourself of the foods to which you have become addicted.

Whilst it’s easy to dash off a few menus and ear-bash people to stop eating junk, any diet that doesn’t also address this core issue relating to the satisfaction of the inner hunger sells it’s customers short..

It’s a much tougher assignment cranking up a personal development program that gets deep into the subconscious and unlocks the potential people have to eat to nourish the cells of their body without fattening themselves up in the process.

Books and programs addressing this issue are around but because scientists from different disciplines don’t talk to each other, you’ll have to go to the psychology bookshelves for that one.

Find out what’s causing your compulsive eating and fix that.

Your weight will look after itself.

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