The Hourglass Diet, Simply Good Diet Food

Eat From The Top Of The Hourglass, a Diet Revolution

new revised hourglass diet

The Hourglass Diet, a revolutionary new way of eating designed to:

  • nourish the cells of your body and not just fill up your stomach
  • restore key body systems to good health and keep them that way
  • have you living closer to your ideal weight.


The Hourglass Diet, provides practical advice for eating wisely in a junk food world. It sets the framework for understanding how all good diets work

The Hourglass Diet by John Miller

The Hourglass Diet

Here’s what the revolution is all about.
You haven’t seen this model before

How To Eat Healthy with Good food at the top, junk and poison down the bottom

Hourglass Diet

The Hourglass Diet

I’ve raked through countless dozens of diet books, toyed with various diet philosophies – (like eating more or eating less high density carbohydrate, and eating more or less fat …) and believe the Hourglass Diet concept will provide you with a new and improved way of feeding yourself.

The Diet Pyramid

The Diet Pyramid

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Diet Pyramid in its myriad forms no longer provides adequate guidance on how to eat wisely in a sedentary society. If it did we wouldn’t have the current epidemic of obesity and major body system dysfunction. Eating wisely is fundamental to the health of all major body systems.

7 zones, 22 Food Groups

Based on my research, we need to focus on 7 food zones, containing 22 food groups (and not 3 or 4) if we are to attain and then maintain both good metabolic health and an ideal weight.

This diet is neither a no-fat nor a no-carbohydrate diet. In fact what it aims to do is get the right mix between fat, protein and the various types of carbohydrate, so that you get the essential nutrients your body needs without fattening yourself up.

If you’re in poor metabolic (musculo-skeletal and psychological) health, eat from the top of the Hourglass.

If you find it easy to put on weight, eat from the top of the Hourglass, Steer clear of the garbohydrates including:

  • the refined, wheat-based, foods like bread, pasta, biscuits (including breakfast biscuits) and cake
  • sugar.

Once you’ve tried out the Hourglass Diet way of eating you will be in a good position to decide exactly how to eat wisely for the rest of your life.

Eat and Grow thin

Apart from a lack of discipline, the current epidemic of obesity is fuelled by too much high density food (particularly the garbohydrates) and too little high density exercise.

If you’re the average punter who spends one half of the waking day chained to a desk and the other half to a couch, the further down the Hourglass you eat the fatter you’ll get.

By using the Hourglass Diet you can adjust your eating habits so you can nourish the cells of your body, more easily maintain an ideal weight and have high levels of energy.

If you can tame the insulin dragon fed by the garbohydrates and stimulate the glucagon white knight, you’ll start to lose fat from your body and stave off that other symptom of metabolic dysfunction, adult onset diabetes.

Hourglass Diet Zones

At the top of the Hourglass is water; cool, clear water.

How do you know if you’re getting enough water?

I’ll tell you how.


How do you know which are the good foods to eat?


Easy; they’re at the top of the Hourglass.


If you eat from the green zone at the top of the Hourglass there is a good chance you will start to lose fat from your body, particularly if you have a high density exercise program.

The greater the proportion of your diet that you’re getting from the garbohydrates the more inclined you are to becoming fatter.


Once you’ve got back to your ideal weight, stick with meals that consistently have plenty of vegetables and fruit mixed with protein and the fat that comes with it.


What are the best types of cereals to eat?


The foods in the amber zone are made up of the unrefined cereals, the high density carbohydrates, being in the 1200 – 1500kj/100gms range. You know they’re cereals because they look like chook food. They’re rich in fibre, vitamins and phytoestrogens.


Don’t even think of confusing anything made with flour as a cereal, particularly if it comes in a gaudy box with such nutritional luminaries as Toucan Sam, Spiderman or Bart Simpson plastered on the front of it.


The foods in the brown zone are the condiments.


Life you be dull without milk, ketchup and mayo. Find out how much milk you need after you’ve been weaned?


How do you make the distinction between good food and junk food?


The foods in the red zone are the junk foods and junk meals, most of them manufactured with combinations of fat, flour and sugar. These are the foods in the 1000Kj/100gms – 2500Kj/100gms class, and we love them.


Wonder why you get rashes, a crook gut and headaches?


The foods in the purple zone are the foods to which you are allergic and intolerant.


Wonder why you feel dreadful?

The foods in the black zone are the poisons – nicotine, panadeine, caffeine, alcohol; pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, plus the myriad preservatives, flavourings, colorings, emulsifiers, surfactants …


Fix diet-related Body System Dysfunction

If you’re living on junk food there’s a fair chance that sooner or later you’ll succumb to one or more of common metabolic, musculo-skeletal or psychological dysfunctions. Rushing off to the doctor isn’t going to do you much good because you’ll be suffering from a dietary problem not a medical problem.

A principal cause of diet-related dysfunction is a diet that’s too high in energy and too low in essential nutrients.

In a nutshell we’re not eating enough of the right food at the right time.

The Hourglass Diet will provide you with an entirely new way of looking at what you’re eating and get you eating more of the good food from the top of the hourglass and less of the junk food at the bottom.

A new, simple model for eating wisely

Once you know the difference between good food and junk food you’re on the way to good health. It’s a simple model. Good food at the top, junk food and poison at the bottom – and I can tell you there’s a lot of junk and poison at the bottom?

What the Hourglass Diet does is bring home to you just how much junk you’re eating. That’s because there’s a lot of food out there that’s junk masquerading as good food.

The good news is that if the body has become compromised by poor food choices then there is a good chance that the body’s recuperative power can be stimulated by a diet of good food choices. The diet charities and professional groups don’t have a good definition of junk food. They’ll even encourage you to load yourself up on bread and pasta.

Take the No Wheat Challenge

If you’ve ever taken the No Wheat Challenge for a week, you’ll know that loading yourself up on bread and pasta is not the smartest way to eat.

If you think the food you’re eating is good, you might have another think coming. The junk food industry and those in its sway have made a compelling case for you to eat more manufactured food and more fast food. In fact it’s a juggernaut, a leviathan, an irresistible force.

Eating wisely in Western society is not all that easy because most of the nutrition technologists in the world are employed by multi-national food companies and fast food outlets, filling the food up with fat, flour and sugar in an effort to make it taste better.

Of course the other nutritional problem is the amount of toxicity we pour into and lather onto our bodies that ends up getting into our ecosystem. Getting it in is the easy part. Getting it out is the hard part and while it’s in there it wreaks all manner of havoc. Masking the synptoms with a junk pharmaceutical won’t fix the cause of the problem.

The Hourglass Diet,
Foundation for Healthy Eating

The Hourglass Diet is based on the simple law of too much and too little. Ask yourself, what do I need to eat more of; what do I need to eat less of?

Once you know the difference between good food and junk food you’re set for healthy eating. You don’t need a books padded out with recipes. Get them at the super market checkout.

Junk Food Definition

What I’ve got for you is a definition of junk food that will have you instantly recognise it when it comes your way. There’s a lot of it out there, some of it so cleverly disguised by food technologists and their bartking dogs on Madison Avenue that you can hardly recognise it.

It’s a vicious cycler. The technologists are being egged on by loyal consumers who’ve been seduced into the high fat, high flour, high sugar way of life and are now addicted to it.

Stomachs are being filled to over flowing with tasty junk.

The Hourglass Diet has been designed to bring some sanity back into healthy eating and explain in simple terms which foods to eat more of and which to eat less of.

It’s designed to help you nourish the cells of your body and maintain an ideal weight.

So Here’s What You Get
– all for $27us –

The Hourglass Diet – ebook –

The Hourglass DietYour guide to eating wisely in a junk food world.

I’ll help you understand the principles behind eating to nourish the cells of your body and not to just fill up your stomach.

I’ll show you how to make the distinction between good food and junk food.

This is your guide to avoid being suckered by marketers of junk food masquerading as good food.

And You Get …

Bonus 1: The audio file ‘I’m Getting Closer to My Ideal Weight’

I'm Getting Closer to My Ideal Weight

I’m Getting Closer to My Ideal Weight

This audio relaxation and inner mental training audio file is an important component of the Hourglass Diet.

It’s all well and good knowing what to eat more of, what to eat less of and what to avoid altogether, but unless your sub-conscious mind is programmed to keep you focused on eating healthily it’s going to be one heck of a struggle for you to reach your diet and weight goals.

Your subconscious is your most powerful asset. If you want your subconscious to also be your best friend, listen to the I’m Getting Closer to My Ideal Weight’ inner mental training program every day for 21 days.

Bonus 2: The ebook ‘Aerabyte Aerobic Fitness training System’

Aerabyte Aerobic Fitness training System

Aerabyte Aerobic Fitness training System

It’s a tough assignment attaining and then maintaining your ideal weight if you don’t have a good aerobic fitness training program.

Both diet and exercise are the foundations of good metabolic health.

In the Aerabyte ebook I outline an exercise prescription with a dosage based on time and effort. You won’t have seen this one in the surgery or the chemist shop!

Bonus 3: the ebook ‘Eat and Grow Fat’

Eat and Grow Fat

Eat and Grow Fat by junk food technologist, Frank McFatter

Eat and Grow Fat

by junk food technologist, Frank McFatter

In Eat and Grow Fat, junk food technologist, Frank McFatter provides you with an insight into what the manufacturers, promoters and apologists of junk food are doing to pervert the course of good nutrition.

The manufactured food industry stands as one of the pinnacles of man’s achievements; the ability to instantly satisfy people’s hunger. It’s playing a pivotal role in the fuelling the epidemic of metabolic dysfunction sweeping the world.

Imbedded from bottom to top in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, junk food is a powerful, irresistible force.

Bonus 4: the ebook ‘The Glycemic Sideshow’

The Glycemic Sideshow

The Glycemic Sideshow

You’ve probably seen the books – where the words ‘new’ and ‘glycemic index’ all appear in the same paragraph.

Let’s get something clear from the outset. The concept of the glycemic index is not new and it’s certainly stretching the definition of the word to say that it’s ‘revolutionary’.

Outlined are ten reasons why the GI model, (concept or theory) about how to eat wisely is a side show.

The first and most significant reason is that the glycemic index bar has been set too high.

The Hourglass Diet

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Bonus 1: The audio file I’m Getting Closer to My Ideal Weight

Bonus 2: The ebook “Aerabyte Aerobic Fitness training System”

Bonus 3: the ebook ‘Eat and Grow Fat”

Bonus 4: the ebook “The Glycemic Sideshow”